All We Have To Believe In – a review

My first All We Have To Believe In by [Jeffrey J. Lousteau]impression of the book cover and the title ‘All We Have to Believe In’ was of a dystopian novel. I was wrong of course. Jefferey  Lousteau, its author has crafted a captivating historical novel set in San Francisco, USA in the period of first world war. In fact, the story commences with the main protagonist, Edward Dooley, for whom the war has ended, and he has returned home to rediscover his roots. He is disillusioned with what he finds and seeks illusive redemption in his travels across the country.

Carefully researched historical context I got the impression it is written by a historian who can also craft a love story.  It is a captivating read that seeks to entertain as much as it endeavours to inform.

Without revealing the ending and spoil the fun I urge you to read it yourself. You will not be disappointed. I would have given this book well deserved five stars had it not been for slight shortcoming. It is a minor issue, but I found some of the secondary characters lacking in authenticity. It is four stars from me. Very well done Mr Lousteau.

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